Shooting with the incredible Daniel Rosenthal and the out of this world beauty Elliot Sailors.

ElliotSailors in TarynWinters.JPG

Jade Kharis Sheer Bodysuit.


Jasmin long line and Kharis thong in Jade.


Kharis black bespoke demi bra.


Kharis black bespoke garter belt.

Shooting on the roof.

Don't repeat this, I think Becky's roof is completely "off limits"…. but thats where all the fun is! We have been having amazing days out on roof, shooting lingerie and beauty and sipping sangrias. Actually the neighbors who got a great show had the sangria, but we won't tell if they dont.

 Personal soak-down for Cait. We needed her to look wet!

Personal soak-down for Cait. We needed her to look wet!

 Kat giving me the eye.  But so prettyyyyyy.

Kat giving me the eye.  But so prettyyyyyy.

The peely wall.

Our favorite place to shoot! Happens to be on the neighbors side, but they poitley ignored us while we eyed that sangria.


Journal workings…..

Flipping through old journals, found a favorite "collection".

When I began to research the different dynasties of Chinese history and the different styles of pottery that individualized each ruler of China, I was immediately inspired by them all. Honestly, there could be entirely new ideas for a collection from each. So to stay focused, I drew from each period in history and illustrated it through the blue and white porcelain style of the Tang Dynasty.